Compositions of Gary Bricault

Compositions For Solo Instrument/Voice

  Recording Instrumentation
Meditation #1 meditation1  
For Solo Cello and Piano    
1991 by Gary Bricault    
The Journey journey Strings Demo
For Solo Voice and Piano lyrics  
1998 by Gary Bricault    

Choral and Vocal Compositions

  Recording Instrumentation
Baptism Prayer baptism prayer Composed
For SATB, Solo Voice and Piano lyrics for Christine's
1988 by Gary Bricault   Baptism

Compositions For Woodwind Ensemble

  Recording Instrumentation

Compositions For Concert Band and Wind Ensemble

  Recording Instrumentation
2006 - A Concert March 2006 Dedicated to
For Concert Band/Wind Ensemble   Penfield HS
2005 by Gary Bricault   Class of 2006
First Suite For Band   Dedicated to
For Concert Band/Wind Ensemble   My Daughter
2005 by Gary Bricault   Christine
  I. The Dawn dawn  
  II. Simple Love love  
  III. The Storm storm  
  IV. Finale finale Program Notes
The Bandmaster bandmaster  
For Concert Band    
Solid Brass Music Company  
The Bandmaster    
For Brass Band    
1993 by Gary Bricault / Nigel Horne bandmaster bb  
Solid Brass Music Company  
Bay Trail March b t march  
For Concert Band - Junior High    
2001 by Gary Bricault    
Golden Jubilee March g j march  
For Concert Band - Elementary    
1999 by Gary Bricault    
March'n On marchnon  
For Concert Band - Elementary    
Solid Brass Music Company  
Fanfare Of Celebration fanfare  
Commissioned by Penfield Symphony Orchestra    
For 40th Anniversary Season    
1996 by Gary Bricault    

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