Music of Gary Bricault For Woodwind

Arrangements and Transcriptions For Solo Woodwind Instrument

  Recording Instrumentation

Arrangements and Transcriptions For Woodwind Quartet

  Recording Instrumentation
J.S. Beethoven- Sextet for Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon sextet Sextet for Winds
Opus 71   2 Bb Cl, 2 FH, 2 Bsn
2021 by Gary Bricault    
L. Boellman - The Prayer (Mvt III) From Gothic Suite ThePrayer Solo Oboe & Organ/Piano
2021 by Gary Bricault    
Orland di Lasso - Mon coeur se recommande a vous moncoeur Wind Quartet
(My Heart Doth Beg You'll Not Forget)   Oboe,Bb Clr, F Horn, Bsn
2008 by Gary Bricault    

Arrangements and Transcriptions For Woodwind Ensemble

  Recording Instrumentation
Claude Debussy - Tres Chansons    
I. Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder song 1   Oboe, Eng. Hrn, F Horn, Bsn.
II. Quant j'ai ouy le tabourin song 2   Eng. Hrn, 3 Bb Clr., Bb Bass Clr., 2 Bsn.
III. Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain song 3   Oboe, Eng. Hrn, F Horn, 2 Bsn.
2021 by Gary Bricault    


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